Ophthalmic Photography in The Rotterdam Eye Hospital

Gerard W. de Graaf

The Rotterdam Eye Hospital, Rotterdam, The Netherlands

Purpose: The Rotterdam Eye Hospital was founded in 1874. Ophthalmic photography has a long tradition and forms the backbone for treatment and scientific studies. In the presentation we will look back and forward and explain how the department is running on a daily basis.

Methods: Historic analysis on the hospital and research on people and equipment in the past. Evaluation and explanation on the current situation.

Results: General overview on a modern diagnostic department which is ready for the future, despite difficulties moneywise.

Conclusion: The Rotterdam Eye Hospital is an independent eye hospital. Despite the fact there have been several attempts to connect it to Erasmus University Hospital in Rotterdam and despite the fact it has a much smaller financial basis, it is still possible to have such a small but highly specialised hospital with a similar highly specialised photographic department.

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