Crypto lingo cheat sheet

crypto lingo cheat sheet

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MUST-KNOW Top 6 Crypto Trading Terms (Explained in 3 minutes)
The Ultimate Cryptocurrency Terminology Cheat Sheet � 51% Attack � Addresses � Airdrop � Algorithm � All-Time High � All-Time Low � Altcoin � AML. AML is short. Learning crypto can be overwhelming due to all the new terms. Use our crypto lingo cheat sheet to stay in the know! We have compiled for you a cheat sheet of some of the most commonly used crypto terms so that you are well versed with crypto lingo and can flex.
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  • crypto lingo cheat sheet
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Here are the top known Bitcoin whales. They are done through a process called Hash Time-Locked Contracts HTLCs , which allow two parties to trade cryptocurrencies in a trustless manner between blockchains. Margin Bull Position A margin bull position is a bet where the investor expects the asset price to increase.