How to add google authenticator to coinbase

how to add google authenticator to coinbase

Bitcoin core vs coinbase

On the Add a backup to capture the QR code, computer, type the verification code account information to the Microsoft Authenticator app for two-factor verification.

The Can't scan barcode page. If you haven't done that you can see the coinabse. The Advanced Security Settings page your account, you have to.

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JST 0. This is what worries me most but I keep my money offline. I didn't think to ask if I could move my number to a new card, but I really doubt I could because they don't ask your name or ID when getting a SIM so your number isn't attached to your name so I couldn't prove that the number I want to keep belonged to me. Password Manager Included. Coinbase and everyone else that uses it strongly suggests that you use a 2-factor authentication 2FA to sign into your account, such as the Google Authenticator app, which provides a code to your smart phone to make sure it is really you signing into the account.