Program April 14th

Location:    SS Rotterdam
Date:          Friday April 14th 2023
Time:         08.00 – 16.30

Interested in ophthalmic photography, ophthalmic imaging or medical and biological illustration? Attend ICOP2023! ICOP, the International Conference on Ophthalmic Photography, will take place in April 2023, hosted by The Rotterdam Eye Hospital and the Dutch Ophthalmic Photographers Society, in the beautiful city of Rotterdam, The Netherlands!

08.00 – 08.55

Enrolment and Photo Submissions I Queens Lounge

Gerard de Graaf - The Rotterdam Eye Hospital
08.55 – 09.00

Welcome & Introduction to the ICOP2023

Gerard de Graaf, OFN, OPS – The Rotterdam Eye Hospital

Angela Chappell OPS, AIMBI

Theme: OCT, Imaging Tools, Disease Screening and Monitoring, Education

dr. Thomas (T.J.) van Rijsen - LUMC
09.00 – 09.30

Invited Speaker: Central Serosa (Central Serous Chorioretinopathy)

dr. Thomas (T.J.) van Rijssen – LUMC – The Netherlands

09.30 – 10.30

Scientific Session 1: Imaging for Disease Screening and Monitoring

Moderated by Paula Morris, OPS and Wil Barkmeijer, OFN


Do we need FAF imaging as well as OCT for Hydroxychloroquine Screening?
Richard Bell- UK


The use of virtual clinics to manage diabetic retinopathy patients with delayed follow up appointments in an English hospital eye service
Angela Dale- UK


Using Ultra Wide Field (UWF) and Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT) modalities to image stable patients in retina observation clinic (ROC)
Darren Ong- Singapore


Reflexivity in Research and Ophthalmic Imaging
Anthony Vukic – UK

10.30 – 11.00

Coffee break I Queens Lounge

Niels J. Brouwer, MD PhD
11.00 – 11.30

Invited Speaker: Vascular Imaging and Eye Tumors: OCT-Angiography and Retinal Oximetry

Niels J. Brouwer, MD PhD
The Netherlands

11.30 – 12.15

Vendor Forum

Moderated by Robert Cavicchi, OPS

12.15 – 13.15

Lunch & Trade show I Queens Lounge

13.15 – 14.15

Scientific Session 2: Imaging tools

Moderated by Lisa Breayley, AIMBI and Hanneke Klingenberg-Hoogstede, OFN


Fine-Tuning Your Anterior Photography; Tips and Tricks!
Frank P.J. Smolders – Netherlands


Look – No Red/Cyan Glasses ! Creating and (Simply) Presenting Stereo Fundus Images
Ethan Priel – Israel


B-scan Ultrasonography as an Ophthalmic Imaging Tool
Jeroen Grimbergen – Netherlands


The Confocal Tonal Shift
Timothy Bennett- USA

14.15 – 14.45

Tea break I Queens Lounge

14.45 – 15.45

Scientific Session 3: Role of Photographer and Education

Moderated by Colin Clements, OIA


Depending on the Kindness of Strangers – What does Contrast Sensitivity Have to do with Patient Advocacy?
Paula Morris- USA


Ophthalmic Photography in the Netherlands: Past and Present
Jeroen Grimbergen- Netherlands


Ophthalmic Imaging Education in the UK
Rosalyn Painter- UK


Ophthalmic Photography in The Rotterdam Eye Hospital
Gerard W. de Graaf – Netherlands

Rotterdam Eye Hospital Tour


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