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Ophthalmic Photography in the Netherlands: Past and Present

Jeroen Grimbergen Ijsselstein, The Netherlands Purpose: The first attempts to produce photographs of the human fundus were done in the second half of the end of the 19th century, shortly after the introduction of the ophthalmoscope. Although the centre of development of fundus cameras lay in Germany, considerable improvements were made in the Netherlands by professor Salomonson, who built his camera in 1917. It is one example of contributions of Dutch scientists to ophthalmic photography. In the early 60’s Fundus Fluoresceine Angiography was introduced in the Netherlands. Many ophthalmic...

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B-scan Ultrasonography as an Ophthalmic Imaging Tool

Jeroen Grimbergen Ijsselstein, The Netherlands Purpose: Not often B-scan Ultrasonography procedures are performed by non-physicians. But with the right practice, it can be done by optometrists or ophthalmic technicians. As one of them, I would like to share my experiences. Methods: A short history of USG and examination techniques will be presented.Conclusion: A B-scan image can be a important diagnostic tool in case of intraocular pathology such as tumors and in case of eyes that are impossible to examine by funduscopy. Some examples will be shown.

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Ophthalmic Photography in The Rotterdam Eye Hospital

Gerard W. de Graaf The Rotterdam Eye Hospital, Rotterdam, The Netherlands Purpose: The Rotterdam Eye Hospital was founded in 1874. Ophthalmic photography has a long tradition and forms the backbone for treatment and scientific studies. In the presentation we will look back and forward and explain how the department is running on a daily basis. Methods: Historic analysis on the hospital and research on people and equipment in the past. Evaluation and explanation on the current situation. Results: General overview on a modern diagnostic department which is ready for the future, despite...

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