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On Reflection: Retro-illumination in Veterinary Ophthalmic Photography

John Mould Eye Veterinary Clinic, Leominster, Herefordshire, United Kingdom Purpose: To illustrate the value of the tapetal reflex in ophthalmic photography of the dog and cat. Methods: Most dog and cat eyes contain a tapetum, a layer of cells situated in the inner choroid immediately outside the choriocapillaris. The tapetum is brightly coloured in shades of green, yellow or orange and its function is to reflect light back onto the photoreceptors to maximise the stimulus in dim light. The “red reflex” is important in clinical examination and ophthalmic photography in man. In most...

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Connecting the Dots : A Pediatric Case Presentation

Gary Miller Geisinger Eye Institute, Danville, Pennsylvania, USA Purpose: To present a case illustrating the causal connection between ocular findings in a pediatric patient and a rare continental disorder.Results: Ophthalmic photographers often document ocular findings with non ocular origins. This case will highlight the case of a rare congenital disorder and it’s embryonic connection to ocular findings in a pediatric patient.

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