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Why not box-it and use your color filters on a regular basis?

Frank P.J. Smolders University Medical Center Groningen UMCG, Groningen, The Netherlands Purpose: This presentation will show some useful try-outs, which is actually very basic knowledge, to inspire and motivate the it-does-makes-sense photographer!Methods: Also in ophthalmic imaging, box enhancement and using several color filters can be serious tools to use for delicate details in -not only- retina but also in anterior photography.Results: Better pigmentation, vein and other indications.Conclusion: Better pigmentation, vein and other indications.

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Fine-tuning your anterior photography; tips and tricks!

Frank P.J. Smolders University Medical Center Groningen UMCG, Gytsjerk, Fryslân, The Netherlands Purpose: Informative, unconventional results in anterior ophthalmic photography.Results: To have your anterior segment photograph series in good order for eye research and registration, it takes skills and clarity. One picture is, most of the time, not sufficient. Series of well illuminated slit lamp photographs do have a great value on follow-up research.Conclusion: I’d like to present a useful standard way of anterior segment photography, followed by unusual cases using unconventional light...

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